Home Buying Help

Research conducted for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development show many reasons to seek home ownership help before purchasing a home. Most clients in the study sought counseling to learn what to look for in a house and mortgage. More specifically, a large percentage wanted to find home buying help or qualify for a specific loan program, whereas 44% wanted to find the best mortgage and 41% wanted to learn how much house they could afford.

In addition to helping first time home buyers successfully purchase a home, our pre-purchase coaching has also been shown to help improve credit scores. For instance, more than a third of participants improved their FICO™, which often results in better financing terms and thousands of dollars in savings.

Improve your chances of homeownership success by gaining valuable knowledge through our classes and coaching. You'll learn:
  • How much house you can afford
  • What homeownership assistance programs are available
  • About down-payment or closing-cost assistance
  • How to qualify for a specific loan program
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