First-time Mortgage Options

First-time home ownership may be stressful because large financial investments can be scary. If this is you, don’t despair. We offer individual coaching and educational workshops that will walk you through your first-time mortgage options and how to lock in a low rate home loan. The mortgage you can “qualify for” isn’t necessarily the same as the mortgage you want. There are lots of options, and we can help you understand the differences and find what’s right for you.

With our help, you will understand mortgage-related terms such as “debt-to-income ratio,” “amortization,” and “discount points.” And, you won’t risk missing out on special first-time mortgage options that can help you address challenges like low savings or credit issues.

So why continue to rent when you have the chance to build home equity? Besides building home equity that can lead to longer-term wealth, homeownership will allow you to take advantage of tax benefits and protect yourself and your family against future rent increases.

The following are things you will want to work toward to qualify for a low rate home loan:
  • A steady, reliable source of income
  • A record of paying your bills and your debt on time
  • Some money saved for a down payment and other costs
Not there yet? We can help! You owe it to yourself to check out our educational workshops.