Strive for Owning a Home

Home ownership has been found to advance individuals and families both economically and socially and bring them greater stability and security. So it makes sense that so many households shoot for this goal. Now is a good time to pursue home ownership with home prices stabilizing in many cities across the state of Oregon, interest rates at historic lows, and far more affordable housing inventory on the market.

Arm Yourself for Success

A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that home owners who receive pre-purchase counseling or coaching improve their chances of owning a home. By participating in online home ownership education and coaching—as offered by HomeSmart Oregon—potential home buyers can arm themselves with the knowledge and tools for greater success. Gain an edge from learning:
  • How to optimize your budget to achieve home ownership
  • How to improve your credit profile to obtain a better mortgage
  • The true costs and benefits of home ownership
  • How to navigate the complex home purchase process
So get started today on your path to owning a home with our help. HomeSmart Oregon will give you valuable guidance on buying your first home.