Buying vs. Renting a Home in Oregon

There are several things to consider when weighing the advantages of buying vs. renting a home in Oregon. Home ownership is a big step and you want to make sure you’re ready. Many Oregon renters hope to purchase a home in the future, but they don’t believe they are financially ready to own. Others are worried that it might be difficult to qualify for a mortgage loan. If you’re wondering what it would take for you to become a home owner in Oregon, contact us. A certified, unbiased home buyer expert in your area can help you explore the option that is best for you. An online home buyer class can also help you prepare financially, save money and see if you qualify for down payment assistance.

Rent vs. Buy: Things to Consider

There are many social advantages of home ownership. Communities and families tend to be healthier and stronger in areas where people own rather than rent homes. There are also financial advantages that may apply to you. Here are a few things to consider before you decide what’s right for you:
  • Are you planning to stay in your home for a while?
  • Are interest rates and home prices competitive?
  • Have you talked with a certified home buyer coach or taken a home buyer class to help you understand the home buying process, prepare financially and explore your options?
If you’ve been wondering if home ownership is right for you, contact us today.

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